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Blue Iris Bulb

Blue Iris Bulb

Perennial blue irises are sold as dried bulbs called rhizomes. A rhizome is a modified underground stem which functions as a storage organ, from where the iris’s roots and foliage sprout.

When to plant irises

Planting typically takes place from September to May, though the autumn months are preferable. Irises grow easily in normal as well as in dry and calcareous soil, and in fully-lit, open, spacious terrain. Soil that is too heavy and too clayey is not ideal as it increases the risk of conserving too much water in the winter, in which case the bulbs are likely to rot. Irises typically flower during the early summer.

How to plant irises

- Carefully till and de-weed the soil. If it is heavy and clayey, simply add gravel or coarse sand to it.
- Plant the rhizomes so they remain visible, as burying the bulbs too deep may compromise the flowering process.
- After planting, lightly water to encourage grafting. Flowering generally begins in the year following the first plantation.

Irises are available in floor display boxes for plant and hobby shops:

- Display box of 90 bulbs
- Display box of 135 bulbs
- Display box of 180 bulbs
- Display box of 225 bulbs


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