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Tulip bulb Mix

Tulip bulb Mix

Tulips are colourful, beautiful flowers. Depending on the variety, they can grow tall or stay short. They can be planted individually, in pots or in groups, or arranged in flower beds. They require light and well-drained soil.

When to plant tulips

As for all spring-flowering bulbs, the best time for planting is from September until the end of December. The tulip needs substantial sunlight. Its flowers typically bloom at the beginning of spring, when temperatures are still temperate and the hours of sunlight are increasing.

For tulip cultivation, well-drained soil is essential. When planted in a pot, packaged soil can be used. When planted in a flower bed, the soil should be tilled beforehand.

How to plant tulips

- Trim the bulbs to a length of 10 cm.
- Maintain a distance equal to 10-12cm between each flower. Plant the bulb with the tip facing upwards.
- Cover and slightly wet the soil (only if the ground is dry)

Tulips are available in floor-level displays for plant and hobby shops.

- Display box of 90 bulbs
- Display box of 135 bulbs
- Display box of 180 bulbs
- Display box of 225 bulbs


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