Us, briefly

Us, briefly

In Ragusa, a south-eastern province of Sicily, lies Giarratana—a small town of 3,000 inhabitants—amid the slopes of the Mount Lauro, the highest peak of the Hyblaean mountains, a chain of hilly reliefs stroked by the desert sirocco and greek winds. It is in Giarratana that three young life-long friends, in pursuit of a grand dream and holding a passionate admiration for their territory, have founded NOTEdi—a company whose objective is to produce raw materials in full respect with the environment.



Angelo, still a student when he started to experiment with plant cultivation for the first time, connected with nature’s ability to create magic, and developed a single, driving objective—to spread his local culture to the world through the food of his territory.


Andrea, after having lived in splendid Sicilian capital of Palermo to pursue a university degree in Economy and Finance, decided to return to his birthplace and devote himself entirely to his passion, and spend time with his family.


Vincenzo, a young chef who grew up in the Amalfi Coast, in the southern Italian region of Campania, is a successor of the culinary teachings of “master” chef Gualtiero Marchesi. Vincenzo has had a very extensive experience in Italian cuisine, in turn receiving very positive feedback. Today, he collaborates with NOTEdi in the creation of new products and recipes which add a pinch of excellence to dishes.