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White Daffodil bulb

White Daffodil bulb

White daffodils have long, thin, and ribbon-like leaves, green in color with gray-blue hues. Among the leaves also appears the stem of the same shape and color, bearing at least one flower at its tip. The flowers are composed of two parts: the petal rays and the central crown, sometimes monochrome and sometimes with contrasting colours.

When to plant daffodils

Planting typically takes place from September to May, though the autumn months are preferable. Daffodils can be planted until late winter, so it is advisable to do so by November-December. They require sunlight or partial shade, and are frost-resistant.

How to plant daffodils

- Choose any type of soil as long as it is not rich in peat.
- Plant the bulbs deep, about 20 cm. You can also position them close to on another, but if they are in ground-soil, you will need to divide them more often (every two years instead of four), otherwise they will not be able freely expand and take up the space they need.

Daffodils are available in floor display boxes for plant and hobby shops:

- Display box of 90 bulbs
- Display box of 135 bulbs
- Display box of 180 bulbs
- Display box of 225 bulbs